Paws '2' Sew - All Your Teddy Bear Supplies

.......Just Think of the Paw-Sew-Bilities!!


Would you like to make that special someone a very special gift.
Maybe for a Newborn, Birthday, Anniversary or just 'cause!
Why not take a class and the best part is NO sewing experience is required!!!

Classes Include:

8 - 12 hours of Instruction
for only $25.00

Supplies are available for purchase
 (not included in the price of the class)

For approx $40 (plus $25 for Instruction)
you can make a 10" Mohair Bear which
is fully jointed!

Contact Jane or Sharon to book today!!
(403)548-3363 or (403)548-6182

Coming Soon:

Classes to Sculpt Eye Sockets and add Eyelids!

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and a 6% sales tax will be added Thank you